Population projections

Each year the Greater London Authority (GLA) produces updated population projections for Barnet, based on the 2011 Census. These projections are the standard set of population statistics that are used across the council.

These projections take development data provided by the borough into account and incorporate household formation rates from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) interim 2011-based household projections.

They use the Census 2011 counts as a baseline and model births, deaths, migration, household composition, and housing development plans provided by the council. These projections include total population counts to 2041, single year of age projections, and age group projections.


Final Projections Briefing – Borough

Final Projections Briefing – Ward and Ethnic Group


Borough Population - 2013-Round Projected Barnet Population to 2041

Single Year of Age - Single Year of Age Population Projections (filters for gender and year)

Single Year of Age - Ward - Single Year of Age Ward Population Projections (gender and year)

Ethnic Group Projections - Ethnic Group Projections (by Gender and 5 Year Age Band)

Births, Deaths, Migration - Components of Population Change (births, deaths, net migration)

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