Statistics about Barnet

There are many websites that provide access to government data about local authority areas and sometimes sub-areas within a local authority (e.g. wards and super output areas). Some of this data is collected by local public agencies (e.g. the council, the police, Jobcentre Plus etc.) while other data is collected through government surveys.

General Data

Specialist Data

Labour market

Labour market statistics are provided on the NOMIS website. This brings together data about the number of employed and unemployed residents, occupations, qualifications, earnings, working age benefits and VAT companies for two geographical areas:

Work and Benefits data

The Department of Works and Pensions Benefits statistics A - Z has borough level data on numbers of people claiming different benefits. Their DWP tabulation tool gives access to numbers receiving different benefits in wards and super output areas (SOAs).


The Department for Education provides local statistics onĀ Education and Skills in your area.


The London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) provides detailed monthly and annual figures on reported crimes at borough,ward and neighbourhood (SOA) level:


Detailed health data for London boroughs and wards can be found at the Public Health England website

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