Hendon Hub privacy notice

Hendon Hub Development

The council is working with Middlesex University, with both acting as owners and tenants of the land, to redevelop academic and civic spaces along The Burroughs in Hendon, as well as re-providing some services and community assets to more improved sites in the borough.

Barnet Council is acting as applicant/developer for these planning applications. Acting as developer for this work is separate to the council’s role as the Local Planning Authority (LPA). More information on how the council processes personal data for LPA duties can be found in the Planning and Planning Policy privacy notices. The council has a public duty to promote the well-being of its residents and this development supports the delivery of the council’s Growth Strategy, which aims to improve the economic and social well-being of the borough.

Public participation is a key element to these projects. The project team will therefore ensure that residents, businesses, organisations and other individuals are provided with project updates, including dates and details of statutory approvals, and the means by which they may comment on the projects and participate in associated community activities.

The Statement of Community Involvement, which forms part of the Barnet Local Plan, encourages pre-submission consultation by developers, especially for larger developments.

The council, acting as developer, will run public consultation and engage with the communities local to each of the development sites within the Hendon Hub project, to inform the overall proposals. By presenting draft proposals and seeking people’s feedback on how they could be enhanced or improved, we aim to update and refine the plans that will be submitted within planning applications.

The council will publicise the proposals and contact groups that are considered to be interested in the project, such as neighbourhood associations. Individuals can also contact the project team directly and engage in public consultation events. The project team will manage a mailing list for those interested in the development project, to receive updates and invites to events. People can ask to be removed from the database, however any comments made during a consultation will be anonymised, and form part of the Statements of Pre-application Consultation, submitted as part of future planning applications.

Our contractors and consultants work on behalf of the council to coordinate public and community engagement. They also produce the display materials and feedback forms, and manage a dedicated consultation website at

Personal information collected

  • Name
  • Address & contact details
  • Views on the development project

Our consultations will ask for equalities information so the council can consider the diverse needs of the area, but these will be anonymous.

Who we share the information with

No personal data is expected to be shared. Anonymised comments will form part of planning applications.

Equalities data is anonymised.

Legislation that applies

  • Local Government Act 2000 – well-being powers
  • Pre-submission public consultation and stakeholder engagement is guided by the council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement, although it is not mandatory for a developer to comply with it.

How long we keep your information

Information from mailing lists, consultations and engagement will be retained for one year after completion of the project.