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Planning privacy policies

The Planning Service for Barnet council is delivered by our contractor, Re (Regional Enterprise). This privacy notice explains how we use information in our work as a Local Planning Authority. This work includes:

  • Making decisions and providing advice on all types of planning applications
  • Making planning policies
  • Working with neighbourhoods on their plans
  • Working with neighbouring local authorities on strategic policies
  • Responding to allegations of unlawful development
  • Monitoring development
  • Entering legal agreements, serving notices and promoting the best use of land

We use the information provided to us to make decisions about the use of land in the public interest.  

We are required by law to publish some information on planning registers. This is a permanent record of our planning decisions that form part of the planning history of a site, along with other facts that form part of the ‘land search’. We publish some personal information as part of these registers, such as the name and address of planning applicants and those formally commenting on planning applications, supporting documents such as design and access statements, arboriculture surveys, covering letters, withdrawal requests and similar.

We use this data to assess the application and inform other departments of the potential development to ensure the correct consents are in place and the development is compliant with the permission granted and planning law. 

We also contact customers who use our service to see how we can improve it. the council’s property portfolio

Personal information collected:

  • Name
  • Address and contact details
  • Information required to process the application including but not limited to supporting statements, plans, design statement, viability assessment
  • Financial information
  • Equalities Information
  • Property information
  • Criminal/Prosecution Information 

Who we share the information with:

  • Council legal service
  • Judicial Agencies eg Courts, Planning Inspectorate.
  • Application details (type of development, address, name of applicant) are routinely shared with other council departments to assist them with carrying out their statutory duties, these departments include; Local Land Charges; Building Control; Council Tax; Environmental Health; Customer Services; Councillors; Corporate Anti-Fraud Team
  • Details of planning applications and formal comments on planning applications, including names and addresses of individuals, are published online

Legislation that applies:

The main piece of legislation is the Town and Country Planning Act and amendments. There are also many smaller pieces of legislation and formal guidance that applies to our work.

How long we keep your information:

Below is a summary of the types of information that we process, and how long we keep it for. We keep this in line with the London Borough of Barnet retention policy which reflects current legislation, best practice and business need.

  • Statutory register (eg application form, planning decisions, approved plans, legal agreements) – retained permanently
  • Supporting documents, reports – retained permanently
  • Representations, letters, general correspondence – retained for 5 years after decision is made

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