Child and Family Early Help Services privacy notice

Early Help is about identifying early any areas of help and support required by a child and family at any point in the child’s life (0 to 19) and then swiftly providing the right interventions and services.

Barnet Council offers a range of Early Help services to children aged 0 to 19 years and their families through the Child and Family Early Help Hubs in each of the borough localities: East Central, West and South. In addition to council services, each hub enables joint working with a range of professionals from different organisations. This means families tell their story once to access a range of help and support for the whole family in their local community, that improves outcomes for children.

Personal information collected

  • Name
  • Address and contact details
  • Date of Birth
  • Medical information
  • Equalities information
  • NHS Number
  • Employment
  • Support Network
  • Financial information
  • Other Agencies Involved
  • Education Information
  • Health Information
  • Housing Information
  • Family/Relationship Information

Who we share information with

  • Council Social Care teams for children and adults
  • Department for Education
  • Health Agencies (like the NHS or GPS)
  • Council Education Service
  • Housing Providers (like Barnet Homes)
  • Third sector/Voluntary Agencies
  • Other Local Authorities

Legislation that applies

Children Act 2004

Childcare Act 2016

Children and Families Act 2014


How long we keep your information

10 years from completion of support.