Support for carers in an emergency

Did you know?

You may worry about what would happen to someone you care for if you were suddenly taken ill or had an accident. The Barnet Carers Emergency Card Scheme can ensure the person you care for is looked after in your absence.


Why sign up?

You can plan in advance for the first 48 hours of an emergency until longer term support can be arranged. This could be by simply contacting a family, friend or neighbour who would be willing to step in if you are not there.

The Scheme is free to join and as long as the person you are caring for lives in Barnet you can apply.


Apply for an emergency card

The first step in applying for a card is to create an emergency plan. You will need to provide details of:

  • the person you care for and the support they need
  • up to three people, such as family or friends, who agree to be contacted in an emergency to provide care
  • if you don’t have anyone, you can name Social Care Direct or a social worker as your emergency contact.

Email the completed form to


What happens in an emergency

You will be given a card (about the size of a credit card) to carry with you at all times. The card lists the phone number for the Barnet Carers Centre.

If you're suddenly taken ill, or have an accident, anyone can call the number on the card which will activate your emergency plan.

We recommend you review your emergency plan once a year to make sure it's up to date.