You can make a complaint if you are not satisfied with our service or:

  1. you have not been treated with courtesy or fairness
  2. you are unhappy about the standard of service you have received
  3. we have failed to provide a service to which you are entitled
  4. you are unhappy about the action taken by us.

Not every expression of dissatisfaction will be a complaint. If you are dissatisfied about something we have not done then you should request for us to do something. We will then deal with your request as part of our day to day business, not through our complaints process.

Types of complaint

Complain about an environmental problem - such as noise, pollution, fly tipping, pests

Challenge a parking ticket

Comment about a planning application

Trading standards & licensing enforcement complaints

Complain about your child’s school

Children's social care complaints process

Adults social care complaints

Complain about the conduct of a councillor

We take your comments about our services seriously and use them to improve the services that we provide.

If your issue is not a request for a service, or listed above then use our

Complaints form.

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