Medequip Connect care technology


Become more confident inside and outside your home

Assistive technology:

  • increases your independence and confidence 
  • assures family, friends and carers that their loved ones are safe when they cannot be there themselves
  • supports carers as they look after others
  • sends help quickly when it's needed, whether alerting family and friends or even emergency services

How do I access  Medequip Connect care technology?

You can choose to pay for the service. It costs from as little as £19.99 (excludes VAT) per month, this may be subject to change. For more information, contact Medequip Connect on 0345 460 8000 or use Medequip Connect website

Alternatively, we may be able to support you if you're eligible for social care funding. To find out more, contact Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000 or

Inside the home

Care technology includes the sensors that can be worn or installed in your home. They can detect movement including:

  • falls
  • gas leaks
  • flooding from over running baths and sinks
  • reminders to prompt you to take scheduled medication
  • alerting us if you leave your front door open

Outside the home

If you choose to have one of our simplified mobile phones, we can easily locate you outside of the home if you become lost or need help.

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Sign up to a service that is tailored for you

A Telecare Advisor can arrange an obligation free demonstration in the comfort of your own home. The Telecare Advisors take time to fully understand your needs and match the service to suit you. 

You and your loved ones are shown how to use the equipment during the same visit. If you prefer, you can arrange a separate installation visit at a later date.

Call Medequip Connect on 0345 460 8000 to arrange an obligation free visit.

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Medequip Connect product catalogue

When a Telecare Advisor visits your home to carry out an assessment and demonstrate Medequip Connect Telecare, they will ask you a number of questions about your health, mobility and social circumstances.

Based on your responses they may suggest additional sensors and products but there is no obligation or pressure to opt for these.

Additional cost will be explained fully prior to any decision being made and any equipment being installed.