Safeguarding Adults reviews

The Care Act 2014

Under the Care Act 2014, Safeguarding Adult Boards (SAB) are responsible for undertaking a review of cases that involve adults with care and support needs where;

  • an adult has died or suffered serious harm and,
  • the SAB suspects or knows that this was because of neglect or serious abuse and,
  • there is concern that agencies could have worked better together to protect the adult from that harm.

The purpose of a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) is to learn from events to prevent future deaths or serious harm occurring again, working together with the those involved in the care of the adult and the family.

Safeguarding Adults Review Checklist

These questions can help you check if the criteria have been met for applying for a SAR:

Does the adult have care and support needs? (met or not)

If yes:

  • did the adult die because of known or suspected abuse or neglect?
  • is the adult alive but it is known or suspected to have experienced serious abuse or neglect?

Serious abuse is defined as being where an adult would have died but for an intervention or has suffered permanent harm because of the abuse or neglect.

Any individual, agency or professional may refer a case where they believe the criteria for a SAR has been met. The person referring should complete a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR1) form:


When you have completed the form, you should email it to:

The completed referral will be reviewed by the members of the Case Review Group (CRG) a multi-agency committee of health, social care, and the police.

If the case meets the threshold a recommendation will be made to the SAB to commission a review.

Safeguarding Adults Review case studies

Examples of SARs:

SAR In Rapid Time Report, Gabrielle, April 2021 (PDF 108KB)

No Access 7 minute briefing (PDF 614KB)

SAR case study YY (PDF 256KB)