Dementia is a collection of symptoms that result from damage to the brain.

Signs of dementia may include:

  • memory loss
  • mood changes
  • problems with communication and reasoning
  • difficulty with tasks that require organisation and planning
  • becoming confused in unfamiliar environments

The early symptoms are often mild and it may take some time before they become severe.

What should I do if I am worried about someone’s memory?

Memory problems can be caused by several health problems, not just dementia. If you are worried, it is best to make an appointment with your GP who will be able to reassure you or refer you for further investigation to rule out other health issues.

If appropriate you will be referred to the Barnet Memory Assessment Service (MAS). This is based at the Springwell Centre, Barnet Hospital, where you will have an assessment, and may be asked to complete several activities and tasks designed to assess memory and recall. You may also be referred for a head scan and be asked to have some blood tests.

People can still live well with dementia and if you are living with dementia or care for someone with dementia there is lots of help and support available. 
Living Well with Dementia in Barnet (ODT, 0.7Mb)


Support available

AgeUK Barnet

AgeUK offers a wide range of information and advice for people with dementia and their families. Local dementia Cafes, activities, a Dementia Hub, Dementia Adviser Services, Dementia Day opportunities and Dementia befriending service.

For a list of dementia activities near you please check the What’s on guide link below updated each month or the Memory Matters Newsletter for AgeUK updates.

What’s on guide 

Memory Matters Newsletter 

Phone: 0208 2035040

Barnet Carers Centre  

Information, advice and support for carers.
They offer carers assessments, activities, counselling, training, help with form filling, outings and much more.

Phone: 020 8343 9698

Dementia Club UK

There are Dementia Club sessions at various venues in Barnet. People living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are welcome to attend with their carers, friends and families. Also welcome are those who have lost someone with dementia and are now lonely.

Book a Dementia Club session free on Eventbrite

Find information about dementia

Alzheimer's Society  

Alzheimer’s Society is available for anyone affected by dementia and help keep people with dementia connected to their lives and those who are important to them.  Please contact for the Alzheimer’s Society for information, advice and support local to you.
The local Barnet Alzheimer’s Society runs a local Singing for the Brain and can also help you find local resources.

Phone: 07522 219363

NHS About dementia - NHS (

Find information on the signs and symptoms of dementia, how to live well with dementia and caring for someone with dementia

A diagnosis can help people with dementia get the right treatment and support. With treatment and support, many people can lead active, fulfilled lives.

The Young Dementia Network - Dementia UK

Support for people living with young onset dementia, their family, and friends.

Our policies and strategies relating to Dementia

Dementia Friendly Logo

Dementia Friendly Barnet

The London Borough of Barnet has been successful in being recognised as working towards being a Dementia Friendly Community by Alzheimer’s Society!

The Dementia Friendly Barnet Partnership is formed of local organisations who are committed to take action. Consulting with people affected by dementia, the Partnership has developed a clear programme of action.

How you can get involved

Become a Dementia Friend

We currently have over 10,000 Dementia Friends in the borough. Being a Dementia Friend is a great way to show support, raise awareness and increase understanding. It is very quick and easy to sign up: Register as a Dementia Friend

Join the Dementia Friendly Barnet Partnership

If you wish to join the local partnership, please email You don’t have to be a member of an organisation. We welcome people affected by dementia, carers and anyone who want to make a difference

Take the Understanding Dementia training

Barnet Public Health is providing a free 1 hour ‘Dementia Foundation’ CPD certified course designed to give you a core understanding of dementia and its impact. This is a perfect course for organisations and businesses who need to create or improve their current policies around ensuring the best customer and staff experience in situations involving those living with dementia.

Available courses on Dementia and enroll via Eventbrite

To find out more information please email

Dementia Friendly Scheme

If you run a local business, you can sign up to the Dementia Friendly scheme as part of Healthier High streets