The Mayor's Benevolent Fund

Purpose of the Mayor's fund 

Small one-off grants are given to residents living in the borough who are in financial need.

To qualify for a grant applicants must:

  • be living in the borough of Barnet
  • be in receipt of an income-related statutory welfare benefit (such as Universal Credit)

How the grant can be used

Applicants are restricted to a maximum of 2 awards from the benevolent fund.

School uniform

With effect from April 2022, grants are restricted to helping with the cost of school uniform only for children (aged 11 or over) who are transferring from primary to secondary school or starting a new secondary school. 

The maximum award is £100 per child. 

Applicants should check before applying to see if the school in question operates its own scheme of assistance, in which case the benevolent fund will consider making up any shortfall up to £100 per child.

How to apply

Applications should include:   

  • the applicant’s name and address and contact telephone number
  • the number of family members resident in the household, including the ages of all dependants
  • details of the family’s regular income
  • proof of entitlement to at least one form of income-related statutory welfare benefits
  • confirmation of entitlement to help with council tax through council tax support
  • a summary of an applicant’s circumstances in support of the request for help
  • reference to other sources of funding that have been approached


Applications should be made by e-mail to

Requests will be accepted from a third party, such as a social worker or an advice agency, so long as the contact has first-hand knowledge of the client’s circumstances.

Decision making

The trustees of the benevolent fund consider all applications.

It usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks to get a decision, as long as applications contain all the information required.

The trustees’ decisions are final.

Notification and payment of awards

All decisions are notified by letter to the named contact. Awards are paid by cheque, usually in favour of the designated school outfitter.


For further information, please email

Other welfare Support

Apply for the Barnet Local Welfare Assistance Fund