The Mayor's Benevolent Fund

The Mayor’s Benevolent Fund reopens on 1 April 2021. It offers small one-off grants to residents of the London Borough of Barnet who are in financial need.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must:

  • have lived in the borough for at least one year
  • be in receipt of an income-related statutory welfare benefit (such as Universal Credit).


We award grants for:

Household goods

Largest award is £200.

Help with purchasing or replacing household appliances. Such as a cooker, refrigerator or washing machine. Or furnishing or equipping a new property (sourcing recycled items where possible).

School uniform

Largest award is £100 per child.

A contribution towards the cost of buying items of school uniform for children. The child should be transferring from primary to secondary school or starting a new secondary school.

This does not include schools which operate their own schemes of financial help.

Families with a new baby

Help with essential items needed to care for a new born child. Beyond items funded through statutory sources.

Clothing for adults

Grants for clothing. The applicant should be able to show exceptional needs. Such as because of an illness, a medical condition or medical treatment

Relieving a financial crisis

Where financial hardship has arisen from an unforeseen circumstance.

How to apply

Make your applications in writing by email to or by letter to:

Ken Argent

Grants Manager

Finance Service

Barnet Council

2 Bristol Avenue


NW9 4EW.

We accept requests from third parties, such as a social worker, a health visitor or an advice agency. The person applying must have first-hand knowledge of the client’s circumstances.

Applications should include:

  • the applicant’s name, address and contact telephone number
  • confirmation of how long they have lived in the London Borough of Barnet
  • the number of family members living in the household, including the ages of any dependants
  • details of the family’s regular income
  • proof of entitlement to at least one form of income-related statutory welfare benefits
  • a brief summary of an applicant’s circumstances in support of the request for help
  • details of the item(s) for which a grant is being requested. Including, in the case of new carpeting or flooring, two quotations of the cost involved
  • reference to other sources of funding that have been applied for.


Applicants can only get up to TWO awards from the benevolent fund.

Decision making

The trustees of the benevolent fund consider all applications. It usually takes about four to five weeks to get a decision, as long as applications contain all the information required. The trustees’ decisions are final.

Notification and Payment of awards

The named correspondent is notified by letter for all decisions. Awards are paid either by an Argos gift card or cheque in favour of the supplier of the goods (or services) in question. Cheques cannot be paid to applicants or any other person.


For further information, please contact Ken Argent on 020 8359 2020 or email to