Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium has been providing burial options since 1899. Anyone may be buried at Hendon irrespective of faith or the area in which you live.

We can accommodate all types of lawful burial; whether this is a traditional coffin, casket, wicker coffin, shroud or mausoleum.

Choosing a grave is an important decision. We recommend you visit the Cemetery to view the types of grave and areas available before you make your final decision. Please contact our team to book an appointment. During the appointment, we will ask you to choose the area in which your loved one will be buried.

We keep a pre-dug grave available in our Muslim section to accommodate urgent burials.

Burial services and hours

Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium can host burials between the hours of:

  • 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am and 4pm on Saturday.
  • Sunday’s and Public Bank Holidays are at the discretion of the Cemetery Manager

No interments may take place on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

During the months of September to April the last time of interment is 3pm.

Burial times must be agreed and booked with the Cemetery Office. If the use of chapel is required, this is provided free of charge for the first 30 minutes if booked in advance of the funeral.

For available service times please ask your Funeral Director to check, or contact us.

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the funeral and planning of the burial service to make all of the necessary arrangements and to notify the Cemetery Office in advance of the funeral.

Burial and Cremation guide


At Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium we understand the memories you have of loved one are personal to you and that you will want to commemorate and remember them in an appropriate way.

We have facilities available for reserve in our new Mausoleum Courtyard. Interment spaces can be reserved at any time, a variety of personalisation options are available.

For further advice and information, please contact the Cemetery Office.


Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium, Holders Hill Road, London, NW7 1NB