Barnet Children and Young People Plan

Vision to be a 'family friendly' London borough by 2020

“We want Barnet to be the most ‘Family Friendly’ borough in London by 2020. Children, young people and their families are safe, healthy, resilient, knowledgeable, responsible, informed and listened to.”

Our vision sets our ambition to work together to make sure that Barnet is a great place to live for all children, young people and their families. We adopt a partnership approach because addressing these issues is the responsibility of everyone who works with and cares about children and young people in Barnet.

Our aspiration to be a Family Friendly borough is at the heart of our vision because if we all do what we can to ensure our children and young people and their families are safe, healthy, resilient, heard and involved it sends the right message about how important their well-being is to us and how important they are to our future.

We have consulted widely about our Children and Young People Plan and children and young people have been involved throughout this process.

About this plan

In partnership and with children and young people and with partners from different organisations across the borough, we have produced a new child-friendly plan for 2016 - 2020 that reflects the priorities, needs and aspirations of the local population and sets out how, together, we can make Barnet an even better, more ‘Family Friendly’ place to live.

In a ‘Family Friendly’ Barnet, children and families are able to:

  • keep themselves safe
  • achieve their best
  • be active and healthy
  • have their say

These form the four key outcomes of the plan, with each one supported by a series of objectives which act as a framework to make our vision a reality. Our Plan sets out how we will focus on increasing resilience in the community, helping families to help themselves. It focuses on how we will work in partnership with children, young people and their families, ensuring that we are helping them to do things for themselves, rather than to them or for them.

There is recognition however, that sometimes, for the most vulnerable in Barnet, there is a need for additional support from partnership agencies. Where this is the case, partners will look at how they can build responses and services around these families’ needs, and wherever possible intervene early, building family resilience to stop problems escalating.

An action plan will sit beneath this Plan and will detail how partners and services are delivering the plan. In addition, the plan sits alongside other key strategic plans including the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Safer Communities Strategy.

The Children and Young People’s Plan also includes a new Charter for Children and Young People, which was informed by the Youth Convention held in Barnet in November 2015, and a new Child Poverty Review.

Children and young people demographics in Barnet

Barnet is part of a successful and thriving London economy and has the largest population of any borough.

  • estimated 393,000 residents
  • 93,590 children and young people aged 0-19 remains the second largest in London and this group makes up a quarter of the borough’s overall population
  • estimated to grow by 6% between 2015 and 2020 when it will reach 98,914

You can find more information about the demography of children and young people living in Barnet in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

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