Maternity services in Barnet


Whether you’ve just found out you are pregnant or are caring for a new baby, we can support you.

Barnet children's centres can offer:

  • information
  • materials
  • advice

on how to help keep your baby healthy and safe, both during pregnancy and after birth.

The maternity services run at Barnet children's centres provide a full range of pregnancy, and postnatal services to women and their families, including antenatal education and infant feeding workshops.

Breastfeeding support

Getting help with breastfeeding, at the time you need it, is really important, so please don't be afraid to ask for help.

Children centre staff are trained to give breastfeeding support, information and ideas by telephone, one to one sessions and in breastfeeding support groups.

Visit your local children’s centre to find out more about their breastfeeding drop-in and other activities on offer for you and your baby and meet other mums who breastfeed. Dads are also welcome.