We are able to investigate complaints about:

  • rats outside a building
  • rats and mice inside premises
  • but not mice outside

The common black or brown rat is around 24cm in length not including its tail and normally ranges from a light brown to black.  Rats carry diseases and infections and may cause damage to health and property. 


How to tell if you have a rat infestation:

  • rat droppings are light brown to almost black, approximately 15mm in length normally found concentrated in one or two areas
  • noises – scrabbling scratching and even loud banging sounds heard normally at night in ceilings under floors and in cavity walls can indicate an infestation
  • smear marks – greasy brown marks left on surfaces or walls are left from the oils found on the coat of the rat
  • gnawing / chewing – rat’s teeth are constantly growing which means they need to chew to keep them in check. Holes in floor boards, defective wiring and water hoses leaking are just a few are results of rats gnawing
  • smell – when rats are present you often get strong ammonia like smells often mistaken as defective drains
  • burrows – holes in the ground, normally under cover or near defective drains are an indicator that rats may be burrowing underground and may even be living just below your feet.

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