Report a noise problem

We investigate noise that could be a ‘statutory nuisance’. This means a level and frequency of noise that affects the enjoyment of a home or other premises.

Whether a noise is considered a nuisance could depend on what time of day it happens.

For example: music that is not a nuisance during the day could be a nuisance at night if it prevented someone sleeping. 

Find out more about statutory nuisance at Gov UK

Barnet Homes residents should report noise problems to Barnet Homes.

What we can deal with

Things we can investigate include:

  • building work (construction sites and home improvements) 
  • loud music or TV
  • dogs barking loudly late at night
  • burglar alarms or fire alarms that are ringing for no reason or not being responded to

What we cannot deal with

Household noises we cannot investigate include:

  • noise from appliances like washing machines, vacuum cleaners or kitchen appliances
  • doors or cupboards slamming or moving furniture
  • children playing (including playgrounds)
  • babies crying

Street noises we cannot investigate include:

  • sirens from emergency services vehicles
  • roadworks and maintenance
  • traffic noises

Suspected domestic abuse should be reported to the Metropolitan Police online or by calling 101.

Anti-social behaviour (including fights) can be reported to the Metropolitan Police online or by calling 101.

Before you make a complaint

Sometimes people are not aware they are causing a noise nuisance. Many noise issues can be resolved by speaking to the person causing the noise.

If the problem happens a lot, please keep a record of when the noise happens and how it affects you. 

Noise Log Sheet (Word) 

After you've made a complaint

How the Community Safety Team respond to noise complaints depends on:

  • the type of problem
  • what time it happens
  • if it has happened before

We usually try to speak to the person causing the problem in person or by letter. In the majority of cases, this works and the problem doesn't happen again.

In most cases, one of our noise officers will call or email you to talk about the problem.

How to report a noise complaint

When you make a report, we will ask you for:

  • your name, address and phone number - these will not be shared with the person making the noise
  • a description of the noise 
  • the address causing the noise

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