Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Schools and education.

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FOI ID Title Received date
12167904 FW: FOI REQUEST FROM GOOD MORNING BRITAIN - knives/offensive weapons 17th May 2024
12136176 Home Education 13th May 2024
12096716 EHCP Independent Special School data 8th May 2024
12117881 EHC Plans were allocated to specialist schools 8th May 2024
12048492 EOTIS, S19, Personal Budgets and EHE 30th Apr 2024
12018764 EHCNA and EHCP data 25th Apr 2024
12002968 2024/25: Education services for deaf children and young people 23rd Apr 2024
11994137 The number of electively home educated children in your local authority areas at 1st April 2024 22nd Apr 2024
11931112 High needs budget 12th Apr 2024
11940344 Children in face-to-face learning 10th Apr 2024
11893485 Number of granted EHCPs, EHCP applications and ICE students in Barnet and in specific Barnet schools 8th Apr 2024
11916848 Schools Organograms and Recruiment Agency Spends 2023/2024 8th Apr 2024
11864593 Consultation on Special School Places 2nd Apr 2024
11863592 Funding Allocation for Tutoring Services 2nd Apr 2024
11863992 Total annual spend for home to school transport 2nd Apr 2024
11790644 Accessible Community Transport 20th Mar 2024
11735452 School Absence Fines 12th Mar 2024
11730652 The number of children temporary excluded at least once 11th Mar 2024
11726320 Home to school transport 8th Mar 2024
11628702 Request for Amounts the LA Pays for Private School Placements and Transport Costs 4th Mar 2024
11675464 Home to school transport 1st Mar 2024
11675164 Educational psychologist data 1st Mar 2024
11670432 Fair Access Protocol data 29th Feb 2024
11663800 Elective Home Education data 28th Feb 2024
11668133 Pupil exclusion data 28th Feb 2024
11645436 Reception catchment areas 26th Feb 2024
11644037 EHCP data 26th Feb 2024
11655868 Request for SEND & inclusion data 26th Feb 2024
11634740 JCOSS Admissions 22nd Feb 2024
11603880 EHCP plans data 19th Feb 2024
11577552 RSE Resources 14th Feb 2024
11557688 Council management of PRUs 12th Feb 2024
11557388 Foreign language education 12th Feb 2024
11540360 SEN home to school transport spend/contract 8th Feb 2024
11521696 Request for Information: Special Educational Needs & Disability - Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment Requests, 2023 4th Feb 2024
11480672 How many schools in your local authority area have sought exemptions from the legal requirement to hold a daily act of Christian worship 29th Jan 2024
11416797 EHC plan timeliness 25th Jan 2024
11460644 SEND provision 25th Jan 2024
11452912 Educational Welfare data 24th Jan 2024
11595516 SEND service providers that have been contracted by Barnet Council 24th Jan 2024
11444380 Request regarding general SEND Provisions. 19th Jan 2024
11408088 Fines handed out to parents for taking their children out of school without permission. 18th Jan 2024
11392224 permanent exclusions 17th Jan 2024
11401888 Local authority funding for tutoring 17th Jan 2024
11389524 Freedom of Information Request regarding Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) 16th Jan 2024
11390824 The number of complaints sent by parents to the council about primary and secondary schools in 2023 and 2019 16th Jan 2024
11378892 Data re Home Education 15th Jan 2024
11366434 School absence figures 14th Jan 2024
11366728 Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) and Alternative Provision (AP) in deficit or projecting a deficit 12th Jan 2024
11324968 EHCP costs and specified teaching assistant support under Section F 4th Jan 2024
11308340 The total number of children known to elective home education 3rd Jan 2024
11303308 Personal Budgets for Education January 2024 update 2nd Jan 2024
11301708 How many education, health and care plans do the local authority of Barnet Council have? 2nd Jan 2024