Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Planning, conservation and regeneration.

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FOI ID Title Received date
11824337 5G masts 25th Mar 2024
11809008 Trees cut down due to insurance claims 22nd Mar 2024
11753117 Pan London Secure Children's Home 13th Mar 2024
11727420 Great North Leisure Park, High Road, N12 0GL 11th Mar 2024
11713824 Bandstands 7th Mar 2024
11553668 Freedom of Information Request Regarding Property Owner' responsibilities for Fencing Maintenance and Repairs. 13th Feb 2024
11538160 breeding licences 8th Feb 2024
11413884 S215 Notices 22nd Jan 2024
11382792 Biodiversity Net Gain Plan Land Adjacent To Whitings Hill Primary School Whitings Road London EN5 2QY ref: 23/3772/FUL 16th Jan 2024
11075320 consultations held regards 23/4660/CON | Submission of details of condition 4 (hard and soft landscaping) pursuant to planning permission 20/3098/FUL dated 12/10/2021 | Little Strand London NW9 16th Nov 2023
11067488 Tree felling 13th Nov 2023
10978600 BBQs in public spaces 1st Nov 2023
10945308 Maintenance reports for oak tree 27th Oct 2023