Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Parking, roads and pavements.

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FOI ID Title Received date
5095328 maintenance and repair work - Totteridge and Whetstone tube station entrance 18th Feb 2019
5092028 Approval for work carried out by Thameswater 14th Feb 2019
5092228 FOI - digital phone boxes 13th Feb 2019
5080629 HGV HIGHWAY POLICY 11th Feb 2019
5072028 width restrictions in Friern Park, N12 8th Feb 2019
5008628 Publicly Maintained footways and pavements 17th Jan 2019
5007729 Anti-idling fines or Fixed Penalty Notices 16th Jan 2019
5004028 Customer Service enquiry 296126 Re Damaged Pavement (Footway) 11th Jan 2019
4978528 : FOI - potholes 4th Jan 2019
4971228 Incidents of attacks or abuse from members of the public against traffic/parking enforcement officers 2nd Jan 2019
4965030 Bus Lane Fines 24th Dec 2018
4965131 Controlled parking zone for Saracens Event Days come into effect 24th Dec 2018
4962828 Freedom of information request: Potholes 13th Dec 2018
4929228 How many PCN fines are issued per day or year or month? 5th Dec 2018
4928331 Llist of pothole insurance claims 3rd Dec 2018
4907729 Parking Map 26th Nov 2018
4914930 Template letters, paragraphs etc used in responding to (i) informal challenges and (ii) formal representations. 5th Nov 2018
4877828 Blue Badge Penalties 31st Oct 2018
4848228 Closure of Hampstead Way on 31st october 2018 for a private party 29th Oct 2018
4783829 Challenges to PCNs 2nd Oct 2018

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