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Annual Director of Public Health Report

Every year, the Barnet Director of Public Health has a statutory responsibility to produce an Annual Public Health Report. These reports highlight topical health issues affecting local Barnet residents.

The Annual Director of Public Health Report aims to inform residents on the health in their community, to guide Barnet decision makers’ priorities, and to reduce local health inequalities.

The 2017 report, ‘The Built Environment and Health’, is focused on the structures and places where people work, live, learn and play. The built environment includes several key determinants of health, such as housing, neighbourhood conditions and transport. The 2017 report outlines effective, evidence-based ways to deliver healthier Barnet communities and neighbourhoods.

Read the report and watch the accompanying video to find out what’s working well in Barnet, where the evidence points, and what more we can do to create a built environment that helps Barnet residents achieve their potential.

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