Inclusive fitness

There are a number of activities in Barnet that are age specific, disability specific or fully inclusive.

'Better inclusive' membership at Better leisure centres

Barnet's six leisure centres have been awarded the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) Award that demonstrates a pledge to ensure that our leisure centres fully embrace all members of community.

A weekly inclusive programme is co-ordinated within the centres, in addition to a 'Better Inclusive' monthly membership.

Outdoor gyms

Outdoor gyms are all equipped with four wheel spinners, which are accessible for wheelchair users, and the facilities at Childs Hill Park and Friary Park also have accessible hand bikes.

Free and fun exercise programme at home

If you struggle to get out and about but feel you could manage a few gentle exercises within your home, try our fun and free exercise programme devised by our partners at Better.

Other inclusive fitness activities

The Parasport website can also help you to explore any further interest in a specific sport.

Change for Life provides ideas for kids and adults about getting fit and active.