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Barnet's draft Housing and Homelessness Strategies (2019 to 2024) - Consultation - now closed

A three-month consultation, from 5th November to 11th February, was launched by Barnet Council to seek residents’ feedback on strategies to improve housing and tackle homelessness across the borough over the next five years.

The questionnaires on allowed residents to comment on the plans. We will be taking this feedback on board and finalising the strategy in the spring. 

The draft Housing Strategy's main themes are to improve standards in privately rented housing, deliver more affordable homes, promote independence, tackle homelessness, and ensure housing is safe and secure.

The draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy's main themes include preventing homelessness, finding accommodation for those at risk of it, helping rough sleepers, and reducing the need for temporary accommodation.

Barnet's Housing Strategy (2015)

London is a successful, thriving city, attracting investment and people from across the globe.

Barnet has the largest population of any London  borough, with an estimated 393,000 residents in 2015.  This is expected to grow by a further 19% over the next 25 years.

This creates a number of challenges for Barnet residents and for public services, such as:
•    Rising demand leads to higher house prices and rental costs.
•    Fewer people can meet their aspirations to home ownership, and more are living in the private rented sector.
•    The demand for housing and homelessness related services is increasing.
•    More emphasis is needed on helping people to live independently at home.

Our housing strategy therefore includes the following objectives:

  • Increasing housing supply.
  • Delivering homes that people can afford.
  • Sustaining quality, particularly in the private rented sector.
  • Preventing and tacking homelessness.
  • Providing suitable housing for vulnerable people.
  • Delivering efficient and effective services.

Find out more about our plans by reading the full document in the downloads below.

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