Brent Cross (Hendon NW4)

Where Brent Cross Shopping Centre is today was a farm called Renters, owned by Geoffrey de Renter in 1309.

Until the 17th Century much of Renters was woodland, which was used for making charcoal in the Tudor period. The farmhouse and the area directly around it was used for Hendon Sewage works, and much of the farmland was developed into private housing by the Neeld family.

The Neeld family donated land in Park Road for Hendon Cottage Hospital (1913 - 1987).

An underground station, Brent, opened in 1923, and the area became commonly known as Brent. The flyover built in 1965 on the North Circular Road, took the name of the earlier crossroads 'Brent Cross'.

Further along the North Circular Road, Staples Corner took its name from a mattress factory built in 1926 by Heal's.

Other industries included Johnson's Photographic Works (1916 - 1973). Hendon Borough Council built a multi-storey factory building able to hold 17 small factories in 1962 called Endeavour House. Junction 1 of the M1 opened in 1977.

Brent Cross shopping centre (1976) replaced Hendon Greyhound Stadium (1935 - 1970), and the whole area became known as Brent Cross. Brent Cross was the first American-style indoor shopping centre in the UK.