Apply for an Over Sailing Crane Licence

A licence is required for cranes that move over the highway, known as 'over sailing'. 


The minimum licence period is 12 months and each individual crane costs £5,000. The licence allows for an extension. When you calculate the extension, please count the number of weeks that follow the 12 month licence period. There is a weekly extension charge of £55 for each crane.

Please see below for a breakdown of the costs:

Crane Licence Legal = £565.00

Highways Crane Licence = £575.00

Highway inspection = £2,860.00

Administration @25% (non-refundable) = £1,000.00

Total = £5,000

Individual Crane Extension = £55 per week

How long the application takes

Once you have made an advance payment, the Over Sailing team can initiate the application process, which typically takes between 6 to 10 weeks. Your operational start date for the crane/s should not be before this timescale.

How to apply

To apply for the over sailing crane licence, please download the application form: 

Once completed, please send this form and requested documents to the Over Sailing team at: 

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