Body worn video

To help manage traffic, including on and off-street parking restrictions, the Council’s parking enforcement contractor, NSL, will equip Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) with Body Worn Video Cameras.

Mounted on the chest or head these devices capture video and audio. They are activated by the CEO when in situations where a recording may help improve safety. The data is encrypted and stored on the device (CEOs are not able to view or edit the footage) and transferred to a dedicated secure storage facility at the end of each shift where it remains for no more than 90 days, unless required for investigation, before being deleted.

Why body worn video devices are required

Staff safety and professionalism is of utmost importance. Recording devices provide a factual record of events and have been shown to support staff in difficult situations and ensure a positive outcome for all.

NSL are the Data Controller for Body Worn Video.  If you would like to know how NSL use your information then please visit the NSL website.