Conservation areas

Conservation areas are those areas identified by the Local Planning Authority as having special architectural or historic interest which merits designation.

Character appraisals and boundary maps

Most conservation areas have a character appraisal statement that includes information about what makes them so special. 

If you live in a conservation area, read the conservation appraisal statement before submitting a planning application.

Learn more about conservation areas at Historic England


Character Appraisal Boundary Map

Finchley Church End

Finchley Church End map

Cricklewood, Railway Terraces

Cricklewood Railway Terraces map

Glenhill Close

Glenhill Close map

Golders Green Town Centre

Golders Green Town Centre map

Hampstead Garden Suburb, The Bishop's Avenue

The Bishops Avenue map

Mill Hill

Mill Hill map

Monken Hadley

Monken Hadley map


Totteridge map

Watling Estate

Watling Estate map

Wood Street

Wood Street map

Hampstead Garden Suburb conservation areas 

Hampstead Garden Suburb map

Hendon, Church End

Hendon Church End map

Hendon, The Burroughs

Hendon The Burroughs map

Finchley Garden Village map

Finchley College Farm

College Farm map

Hampstead Village - Heath Passage

Heath Passage map

Moss Hall Crescent

Moss Hall Crescent map

Article 4 directions

Some conservation areas are covered by an article 4 direction. This serves to restrict permitted development rights, which means that certain works people can do to their land or houses without planning permission are brought into the realms of planning consent. It does not in itself prohibit any action but means that a landowner is required to seek planning consent.

Within Barnet there are 10 conservation areas that are either covered by or have article 4 directions in force. To find more details about whether your property is covered by an article 4 direction please phone Land Charges on 020 8359 3000

Planning permission

Special controls apply to buildings in conservation areas. It is an offence to demolish, alter or extend a building in a conservation area without consent.

In some areas permitted development rights have been removed which limits the work that can be carried out without planning permission. Find out more about planning permission.

Trees in conservation areas are protected by law. It is an offence to undertake works to a tree in a conservation area without permission. To find out more about tree legislation see the Guidance Notes for tree works