About the planning applications process

Once a planning application is validated, the Local Planning Authority (LPA) consults with the community. This includes notifying neighbours, publishing notices on site and in the press, and publishing the application online on the weekly list.

At this stage, you have an opportunity to object or support the proposed development. Further guidance on how to make a comment on a planning application can be found here.

Comments made via the website will be published and available to view online. The application details and documents can be accessed online and can be searched using the application reference number, address or keywords.

Simple Search tool

You can use the Simple Search tool to search for planning applications:

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Any comments or representations received will be considered as part of the assessment process of the application.

The assessment process

During this time, the LPA will also seek the views of internal and external stakeholders, who will provide their technical feedback on the proposed development and supporting information. The Greater London Authority (GLA) will assess the application and provide formal comments. They will check whether the proposed development complies with the London Plan policies.

Due to the scale and nature of the development, once the assessment period has been completed and a recommendation made, the application will be referred to the Council’s Strategic Planning Committee for consideration and a resolution. Once a resolution has been made, the application will be referred back to the GLA for consideration of the Council’s resolution.

Calling in planning applications

The Secretary of State has the power to take over planning applications. This is called 'calling in'. This will only be done if the application conflicts with national policy or is nationally significant. If the application is refused, any appeal is handled by the Planning Inspectorate.