Building control charges

Charges are payable for various applications under the Building Regulations and Building Act and are set under The Building Regulation (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010, S10 of the London Local Authority Act 2004 and The London Borough of Barnet Building Regulations Charging Scheme No 2.1, 2015.

Full plans application charges

The deposit charge is payable on submission of a Full Plans application, the site inspection charge is payable following our first inspection. Please note: When the fees are based on an estimated cost of £5,000 or less, the whole of the fee is payable on deposit.

Building notice charges

The charge is payable on submission of a Building Notice.

Regularisation/reversion charges

The Regularisation/Reversion charge is payable on deposit and is 140% of the Building Notice net charge, VAT is not payable on regularisation/reversion applications.

Which are the charges?

Table A should be used for common domestic works.

Table B should be used for all other works.

Where the work comprises more than one extension the total floor area of the extensions may be aggregated together. Please note that loft conversions and extensions are treated as separate elements of work and attract individual charges.

When calculating the charge you may need to take into account a combination of charges from both tables - in cases such as these you are advised to contact us to provide an individual quote by assessment.

It would help us if you complete a Quotation Request form and email it to us with a copy of the existing and proposed layout drawing to

The charges have been calculated on the basis that you will be using an experienced builder to carry out the works and that controlled domestic electrical work will be carried out by a registered competent electrician.  If you do not do so this may lead to extra work for us and we may have to ask you to pay additional charges.

Other charges

Table C lists other charges


The charge is payable on submission and is variable depending on the complexity of the demolition, see Table C for charge.

Dangerous structures

There are set charges for the issuing of dangerous structures notices, see Table C. The owner is liable for any costs incurred in dealing with a dangerous structure on a cost recovery basis.

Will I have to pay VAT?

VAT at the prevailing rate is payable on Building Notice and Full Plans applications, even if the work is to a listed building. VAT is not payable on Demolition, Regularisation or Reversion applications.

All cheques should be made payable to the London Borough of Barnet. If paying via credit/debit card please call 020 8359 4500.


Charges are not payable where we are satisfied that proposed work is solely for the purpose of providing means of access for disabled persons to or within a building, or for providing facilities designed to secure their greater health, safety, welfare or convenience.

This work must be carried out in relation to a building to which members of the public are admitted or is a dwelling occupied by a disabled person (refer to Reg. 9). “Disabled Person” means a person who is within any of the descriptions of persons to whom s.29(1) of the National Assistance Act 1948, as extended by s.8(2) of the Mental Health Act 1959, applies. Please refer to Building Control before assuming exemption.

  Total estimated cost

This means a reasonable estimate that would be charged by a professional builder but excludes VAT and professional fees.


If you require assistance in determining the appropriate charge for your works please contact Building Control on 020 8359 4500.

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