Search the building control archive

Building Control archived records contain documents such as:

  • architectural drawings
  • structural calculations
  • drainage plans
  • decision notices
  • completion certificates (which can be useful, particularly when selling your property)
Please note: that plans are protected under Copyright Law, and may not be reproduced without the express consent of the original copyright owner (the producer of the drawing not the person for whom it was produced). This type of copyright is valid for 70 years after the death of the producer of the drawing.


The council does not guarantee the availability of Building Control documentation, especially with older properties. If we are unable to provide a copy of original documentation we will attempt to confirm relevant dates from our records.

You can view outline details of building control records through our public access for building control website which provides an efficient and easy-to-use process to search for applications. You can search by address, street or postcode.

Information on building control records

In order to carry out a search of our records we need a written signed request from the owner of the property in question or a request from a firm of solicitors made on company headed paper. There is a non-refundable fee for this service.  

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