The Burroughs and Middlesex University

Hendon The Burroughs lies at the civic heart of Barnet. With the arrival of Middlesex University in the 2000s and the repurposing of the area’s civic heritage this heartbeat has changed while the area continues to play a vital role in the economic, social and cultural health of the Borough.

A new planning framework for the area can help ensure this vitality is retained while enhancing the many qualities that attract people to live and stay in this area.

This framework known as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will guide redevelopment of sites within the area providing parameters for investment to come forward and help provide more certainty for the University’s development strategy and long-term investment, as well as promoting educational opportunities across Barnet. 

The SPD will also investigate opportunities to better integrate the University with the established residential community.

With a significant number of heritage assets in the area as well as two Conservation Areas the SPD will help ensure, through design guidelines, that development enhances the historic environment.

The SPD will ensure a healthy streets approach to development, addressing connectivity through the area, examining potential for improving links to Hendon and Brent Street Town Centres; as well as delivery of much better public realm.  

Consultation is currently underway on the draft The Burroughs and Middlesex University SPD. Details can be found on Engage Barnet