LDF evidence and supporting documents

The purpose of the evidence base

It is important that our strategy for the future development of the borough is based on an understanding of the characteristics that make Barnet what it is, and a knowledge of how it is likely to change. We have been collecting information from many sources to help us identify the key issues and opportunities for the future of the borough and provide a strong basis for our planning strategy and policies. This information is usually known as the “evidence base”.

Documents used to prepare Core Strategy

We have used a range of technical reports and studies to prepare our Core Strategy. These are listed in the 'downloads' section on the right. Further evidence includes:

Demographic information including census data and GLA projections

Barnet's Annual Monitoring Reports

London Regional Landscape Framework

North London Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

GLA London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment October 2009

GLA Town Centre Health Checks

Surface Water Management Plan