Call for sites

Please note: Call for sites submission deadline was 3 August 2018 - nominations will no longer be accepted.

New Local Plan

The Council is producing a new single Local Plan document that will shape the future of Barnet as a place, providing the overarching local policy framework for delivering sustainable development.

Looking ahead to 2036, the document will integrate strategic policies, development management policies and site proposals and, once adopted, replace the Core Strategy and Development Management DPDs.

The Council conducted a call for sites information gathering exercise during August 2017 - August 2018. The purpose of this exercise being to inform production of the new Local Plan, in particular the sites included in the draft document that we consult on in autumn 2018. Using a standard proforma, this exercise provided an opportunity for individuals and organisations to suggest land or buildings within Barnet for development, redevelopment or change to alternative uses over the period up until 2036. It is important that the Local Plan is based on the most reliable up to date information. Therefore, we would request all who submitted sites to contact us again if and when there are any significant changes to the information supplied on the call for sites proformas submitted during August 2017 - August 2018.

Purpose of including site allocations in the Local Plan

The purpose of including site allocations in the Local Plan is to ensure that we get the right development in the right place and at the right time. Site allocations set out proposals for significant sites which will deliver Local Plan and wider regeneration objectives of the Council.

Assessment of sites

Using information gathered during the August 2017 - August 2018 Call for Sites exercise, we are currently assessing all sites proposed to determine their suitability for inclusion in the draft Local Plan. This assessment will consider the extent to which sites that have been promoted are:

  • Deliverable: a site should be available now and offer a suitable location for the proposed use(s) with a good prospect that the proposal will be delivered. It should not have planning permission for development, unless a new and different proposal is proposed; and
  • Developable: a site should be in a suitable location for the proposed use(s) and there should be a reasonable prospect that it could be developed over the period covered by the new Local Plan up until 2036.

Please note: the call for sites was not a consultation exercise. Sites submitted will not automatically get a ‘green light’ for development. As outlined above, all proposed sites submitted will be objectively and rigorously assessed to ensure that the allocations chosen deliver the objectives of the Local Plan.