Information for developers and architects

When designing and building property, providing adequate recycling and waste facilities is key to increasing recycling rates and ensuring the correct recycling and waste capacity is provided. As of November 2018, it is council policy for communal bins to be at equal capacity for refuse and recycling.

You can also contact us on 0208 359 4600 for further information. 

•    If your property is a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and has multiple containers of the same type, these can be exchanged for a larger communal bin at a cost. For more information, please contact us.  

•    Collections are completed on a weekly basis, however, if your development requires more frequent collections, please contact us. There is an additional cost for this service.

•    The location of bins for collection must be in line with the council’s policies. This may be changed at any time to ensure collections are carried out efficiently. 

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