Brent Cross Cricklewood

Delivering for Barnet

About Brent Cross Cricklewood

One of the biggest regeneration projects in Europe, the Brent Cross Cricklewood scheme will see the comprehensive regeneration of 151 hectares to create a sustainable new town centre for Barnet and North London including substantial residential and commercial uses. The project comprises three components:

  • Brent Cross London a modernised and extended shopping centre and improvements to critical road infrastructure as well as cycling and pedestrian access. Delivered by Hammerson and Standard Life Investments. Visit Brent Cross
  • Brent Cross South the creation of a new high street south of the North Circular, including 6,700 new homes, commercial development and new and improved community facilities and public spaces. Visit
  • Brent Cross Thameslink a new, additional Thameslink station and associated infrastructure works to provide pedestrian, cycling and vehicle links across the railway, and replace outdated waste and freight facilities. Visit
The new Brent Cross Thameslink station

Key facts

The regeneration and growth programme in Brent Cross Cricklewood will deliver:

Economic growth and supporting businesses

  • The refurbishment and redevelopment of Brent Cross shopping centre to create a world-class class shopping, entertainment and leisure destination and provide new employment opportunities for local people
  • Space for up to 27,000 new jobs over the lifetime of the project
  • Jobs brokerage and skills training
  • 4.2 million square feet of new office space
  • SME business place

Transport and infrastructure improvements

  • A new, additional Thameslink mainline station and public transport interchange
  • A relocated and enlarged bus station at Brent Cross shopping centre, with new and improved bus routes
  • Major road improvement schemes at key junctions and a new road connection from the Thameslink station and southern development to the A5
  • Improved links between Brent Cross shopping centre and the new town centre, including a new Templehof Bridge and new Living Bridge
  • New pedestrian and cycle routes
  • Replacement waste transfer station and Network Rail Freight Facility

Homes and neighbourhoods

  • 7500 new homes built to sustainable standards
  • A new high street to the south of the North Circular with shops, cafes, restaurants, and office space
  • Educational and community space
  • New Claremont Primary School and replacement Whitefield Secondary and Mapledown Schools
  • New healthcare facilities
  • New and improved leisure spaces, with a brand new Hendon Leisure Centre and improvements to the sports pitches at Clitterhouse Playing Fields
  • High quality public realm and green spaces, including creation of Market Square which will link the new Living Bridge and improved Clitterhouse Playing Fields.
  • Diversion of the River Brent and the creation of a riverside park
  • Seven new or improved parks totalling 65 acres, including improvements to Clitterhouse Playing Fields, Sturgess Park and Claremont Open Space

Progress report

  • October 2010: Brent Cross Cricklewood received outline planning consent from Barnet Council (ref. C/17559/08) and subsequently amended in 2014 (ref. F/04687/13).
  • May 2017: Submission of detailed planning for Brent Cross Shopping Centre
  • May 2017: Submission of BXT rephrasing application to bring forward delivery of the station from 2031 to 2022
  • June 2017: Consultation on designs for the new station, Waste Transfer Station and Rail Freight Facility.
  • July 2017: Consultation on the first buildings for BXS, including replacement homes for Whitefield Estate residents

Delivery partners

  • Brent Cross North: Hammerson UK PLC; Standard Life Investments
  • Brent Cross Cricklewood South: Argent Related; London Borough of Barnet
  • Brent Cross Thameslink: HM Government; Greater London Authority; Network Rail; LB Barnet