A connected borough

This theme relates to our transport and digital infrastructure, supporting the objectives of our Long-Term Transport Strategy 2020-41.

As London’s population has grown, and Barnet’s in particular, our transport network has become congested and overcrowded, which needs to be addressed.

We have good connections to Central London and to key roads heading northwards that begin in the borough, however local connectivity through public transport presents a challenge, resulting in a high dependence on private vehicles.

The strategy identifies the current transport challenges and proposes schemes that help to address, including improving local transport links across the borough alongside a shift towards active travel choices in walking and cycling.

Our objectives for a connected borough 

Enable new and enhanced public transport connections

Work with partners to improve orbital connectivity and interchange between rail lines, reducing congestion on roads and rail lines and improving transport accessibility.

Deliver healthier street design to support all forms of travel

Respond to demographic and cultural changes to enhance travel choices, promote active travel and improve safety.

Deliver a cleaner, greener and more pleasant borough

Reduce congestion and improve air quality by encouraging the use of more sustainable forms of transport and supporting the transition to autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and other technologies as they emerge

Implement state-of-the-art digital infrastructure

Work with public and private sector partners to incorporate this into regeneration schemes, council assets and where local employers need it, such as across our town centres.