Moving abnormal loads through Barnet

Industrial and manufacturing business regularly need to move loads which are classed as 'abnormal'. For example, those with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 40 tonnes on 5 axles or 44 tonnes on 6 axles.

Before a haulier can move an abnormal load, the Police must be notified and their consent granted.

If the gross weight or axle weights exceed those specified, the haulier must indemnify the council against the possibility of damage to any part of the highway.

An abnormal load could travel on any road, provided the haulier complies with the law. Some roads are more suitable and used more extensively for abnormal loads; for example, A Class Roads.


The law requires the haulier to give a minimum of two clear days' notice to the police, the Council and bridge owners before moving an abnormal load.

Hauliers may send notifications to the Council using the First Contact details on the right.

Exceptional abnormal loads

The notice period and arrangements for loads over 150 tonnes, 6.1 metres wide or 27.4 metres long are different. Hauliers moving such loads need special orders from the Department for Transport. For full details of the notification requirements for large and heavy loads, consult the Department for Transport website.


Indemnities should be sent to:
North London Business Park( NLBP)
Oakleigh Road South
London N11 1NP

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