Street cleaning

Our Street Cleaning team complete a range of tasks to maintain the borough’s public highways, such as:

How we keep our streets clean

  • We manually and mechanically sweep approximately 700 kilometres of roads
  • We aim to empty the Borough’s 3,000+ litter bins before they become full
  • Barnet’s 8 primary town centres are cleaned every day.

Cleansing schedule

We inspect residential roads in each ward once every three months, based on local intelligence and resident feedback.

The appropriate activity will be carried out depending on the outcome of the inspection. This includes a range of activity such as removing fly tips, litter, or graffiti.

Town centres

Barnet’s 8 primary town centres are cleaned every day. In all town centres we have dedicated town keepers who:

  • empty all public litter bins as required throughout the day
  • litter pick and sweep the pavements as needed
  • use a range of equipment and tools to clean the pavements and channels
  • report highway defects for repairs to be carried out on public street furniture such as lamp columns or bollards.

Trunk roads

We litter pick the footways along our trunk road network 12 times a year.

We respond to isolated incidents through our observations or those reported to us.

Transport for London is responsible for the other elements of the trunk road network in Barnet.

Report a problem

If you feel there is a street cleaning issue that requires immediate attention, you can report it to us.

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