Young carers

A young carer is a young person who gives regular care and emotional support to a parent, brother, or sister, or someone else in the family.

There are many reasons why young people do this caring:

  • the person they care for may have physical disabilities
  • the person could have learning difficulties
  • they may have mental health problems for example being depressed
  • the person may have a problem with alcohol or drugs

If you're a young carer

Being a young carer isn’t all about hard work. Many young carers say how proud they are to be carers. However, sometimes it can be hard for a young carer to find time to relax, away from home.

Barnet Young Carers and Siblings (BYCAS) project

Barnet Young Carers and Siblings (BYCAS) project has friendly, helpful workers who are there to offer support and advice to any young carers in Barnet, aged from 5 to 18 years old.

Telephone 020 8359 5281
Barnet Carers Centre
3rd Floor, Global House
303 Ballards Lane, North Finchley N12 8NP

Clubs and outings
BYCAS run two free clubs, one for younger children, and one for teenagers, and they can arrange transport in a mini-bus to help you get to the clubs.

At the clubs, there are things to do, or you can just hang out and talk to the workers, or other young people.

Young people can confidentially talk to a trained counsellor during BYCAS club days/nights.

They also run trips out for the family, and day breaks.

School support
BYCAS has a schools worker who gives support in some schools in Barnet.

Sometimes it can be hard at school, especially if no-one knows that you are a carer. If you have problems with getting homework done, or you are being bullied, or even if you feel very lonely, it can help to talk to a teacher that you trust, or ask to speak to the BYCAS school worker.

One-to-one free counselling for 16-19 year old carers living in Barnet

The Barnet Youth and Community Team provide a free counselling service for 16-19 year olds living in Barnet. One-to-one sessions are available at either Canada Villa Youth Centre in Mill Hill or at Finchley Youth Centre in East Finchley.

Please contact the team on 020 8359 5281 for further details or complete the referral form and e-mail this to

Practitioners working with a young carers

Practitioners can use our Working with Children in Barnet (WWCIB) website which gives further information about the support available to young carers and details about what BYCAS offers.

It also provides links to key strategic documents, such as Barnet’s Young Carer’s Plan and the Joint Memorandum of Practice.

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