Equality and diversity

Our Equality commitment to our residents

We will:

  • Keep Barnet as a good place to live work and study where every resident, service user and employee is entitled to a safe environment free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Encourage residents to support each other to take control of their own lives, optimise their independence, and make a difference in their communities and to local services.
  • Support communities to get on well together, celebrate their diversity and build understanding about what really matters.
  • Promote active engagement with the rich diversity of Barnet’s communities, people who use services, residents and employees. 
  • Seek out the voices of people who are not always heard and those who need extra help to access our services.
  • Promote fair economic growth across the borough which supports the development of diverse markets and allows workforces and suppliers to maximise the benefits of jobs and growth for local people and communities. 
  • Use evidence to support the delivery of needs led, appropriate and accessible services which reflect the diversity of need at different stages in people’s lives. 
  • Meet our legal, organisational and personal responsibilities to treat people fairly, promote equalities, address inequality, challenge discrimination, and make reasonable adjustments when we identify any physical or attitudinal barriers which limit equal opportunities.

All residents, service users, service providers, employees and partners in the community have a responsibility to promote equalities and challenge discrimination and stereotyping

Strategic Equalities Objective (SEO)

In line with the Public Sector Equality Duty, the council’s Strategic Equalities Objective (SEO) is: that citizens will be treated equally, with understanding and respect, and will have equal access to quality services. The SEO was updated in 2018 and forms part of the Corporate Plan, Barnet 2024. The plan outlines how we will work together with residents and businesses to achieve the following outcomes for the borough:

  • A pleasant and well-maintained borough that we protect and invest in

  • Our residents live happy healthy and independent lives with the most vulnerable protected
  • Safe and strong communities where people get along well

The council formally monitors progress against the SEO through a set of indicators within the Policy and Resources delivery plan. This is reported to committee on a quarterly basis through the council’s performance framework, and on an annual basis in more detail through the Annual Equalities Report.

An Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion agenda has been integrated in all we do across the Council with a crucial co-ordination and supporting role provided by the Strategy and  HR teams. This approach supports embedding equalities considerations in all council business and is strengthened by the recruitment of Equality Champions, the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group that was set up to develop and oversee 2019/20 EDI Action plan, the progress made by the Barnet Equality Allies, and the outcome of the internal audits into PSED and workforce equalities data to identify and strengthen areas for improvement

Progress against Equalities Action Plan 2018/19

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2019/20

Our Equalities Policy

Our policy sets out our vision for keeping Barnet a good place to live for everyone who lives, works, studies and uses services in the borough.

The council will revise the Equalities Policy in 2019.

Equalities data

Key facts and figures about Barnet's population demographic information

Barnet Council Workforce Equalities Data