Facilities management privacy notice

What Facilities Management Team do

The Facilities Management Team ensures the safe and efficient operation of council buildings. The team is responsible for:

  • unlocking and locking buildings as required
  • carrying out minor repairs and maintenance
  • ensuring all building alarm systems are in full working order and
  • identifying and reporting any potential customer issues that need resolution, particularly those relating to Health and Safety matters etc. We use contractors and security firms to help us with this.

What the law requires us to do 

Under current health and safety legislation, councils have a duty to ensure that buildings under their control comply with appropriate statutory, regulatory and corporate standards. This is to ensure that all buildings are legally compliant, safe and secure. Regular maintenance of services is also undertaken to ensure that the risk of incident and breakdown is reduced. The council should also create Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) for staff or visitors who require one due to disability.

Where there are concerns about individuals entering council buildings or where restriction orders are in place we also record and share that information with our security contractors and engage with the police and courts as necessary.

Security and Body Worn Cameras

Security contractor staff use Body Worn Camera’s within Council buildings or on the premises to improve the efficiency or quality of service delivered, and provides additional safety for security staff and the public.  

Blue 9 Security is the controller of the Body Worn Camera data and processes it under the basis of Legitimate Interest.

For more information on how to exercise your individual rights in relation to Body Worn Camera footage, read the Blue9 Security privacy statement 

Personal information collected

  • Name 
  • Address and contact details
  • Images in photographs or film/CCTV
  • Staff vehicle information
  • Contractor information
  • Health Information for PEEP or following incident
  • Criminal/Prosecution Information (where necessary following incident or restriction order)

Who we share the information with

  • Council legal service
  • Judicial Agencies eg Courts 
  • Council contractors or partners who sit within council buildings or are affected by council facility management
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • Police

How long we keep your information

Recording and storage of CCTV footage for the prevention and detection of crime – 5 years

The process of investigation, monitoring or inspection laws is the responsibility of the local authority. Inspections and monitoring systems are in place to include asbestos, fire risk assessments, legionella, electrical inspections and gas certification and these will be retained for 3, 10, remaining life of building or will be retained.