Revenues and benefits privacy notice

The council collects revenues, which are council tax and business rates. We also issue benefits. This information is sometimes shared with other teams in the council, where the law allows us to, to establish someone’s identity or prove residence in the borough. The information is regularly matched against other data or shared with the anti-fraud team so that we can detect or prevent fraud, including credit reference agencies or data matching with the National Fraud Initiative.

We use debt collection companies (bailiffs) who work on our behalf to collect money owed to the council.

Personal information collected

  • Name 
  • Address and contact details
  • Date of birth 
  • Financial Information 
  • Health Information - where relevant for a council tax deduction or benefit claim
  • Equalities information
  • Other Agencies Involved 
  • Criminal/Prosecution Information 
  • Housing Information  
  • Employment
  • Information from the local authority from where you live and previously lived
  • Family/Relationship Information

Who we share the information with

  • DWP 
  • HMRC
  • Police 
  • Judicial Agencies eg Courts 
  • Legal representatives 
  • Council services
  • Other local authorities
  • Credit reference agencies

Legislation that applies

  • Council Tax - Local Government Finance Act1992
  • NNDR (National Non Domestic Rates or business rates) – Local Government Finance Act 1988
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support – Housing Benefit Regulations 2006, the Social Security Administration Act 1992, the Council Tax Reduction Schemes (Prescribed Requirements) (England)Regulations 2012


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