Street naming and numbering privacy notice

The council’s Street Naming and Numbering Service is delivered by our contractor, Re (Regional Enterprise) Limited.

Our Street Naming and Numbering service is responsible for:

  • Naming of new streets and renaming of existing streets
  • Naming of new or existing buildings
  • Numbering of new or existing buildings
  • Allocating street numbers to buildings that only have a building name
  • Investigating and enforcement of wrongful setting up of street names, building names and street numbers in accordance with regulations

We use the information provided to us to make official street naming and numbering decisions which allows us to maintain a comprehensive and accurate address database covering all streets and buildings within the borough.  External third parties are consulted during the application process (as listed below) and other departments may be informed of the potential development/change of address to ensure the correct consents are in place.

Personal information collected

  • Name
  • Address & contact details
  • Information required to process the application including but not limited to; plans and accommodation schedules
  • Financial information
  • Equalities Information
  • Property information
  • Contractual information
  • Criminal/Prosecution Information

Who we share the information with

  • Council legal service
  • Judicial Agencies eg Courts
  • Site address details are shared as part of the consultation process with the London Fire Brigade’s Pre-Determined Attendance (PDA) and Royal Mail
  • Application details (type of development, address, name of applicant) are routinely shared with other council departments to assist them with carrying out their statutory duties, these include: Local Land Charges, Planning, Building Control and Council Tax.

Legislation that applies

  • The London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939, Part II
  • London Government Act 1963, Section 43
  • Local Government Act 1985, Schedule 8, Section14 (1)
  • The Local Government Act 2003 s93

How long we keep your information

  • Application details (eg application form) – 6 years
  • Consultation documents, representations, letters and general correspondence – 6 years
  • Official decision document issued by the London Borough of Barnet – Retained permanently
  • Plans used to approve new street names, renaming of existing streets, naming of buildings, renaming of buildings, numbering and renumbering of buildings - Retained permanently

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