Market position statement guiding principles

Though the nature and types of services and support for people may change over time, and the volumes or activity levels may be variable, there are underpinning values that speak to the design of all our services.

Embedding these within your organisation will ensure that the needs of residents continue to be met and are consistent with the good practice approach we aspire to in all our commissioning and market development.   These are the values we expect to see in the delivery of the services we commission.

As a provider of services, you should be able to answer YES to the following statements:

  • We support people to be as independent as they can be
  • At the heart of all our services is a strengths-based approach which places individuals at the heart of services promoting their independence and wellbeing
  • Our services are of a consistently high quality, are sustainably priced and we strive for continuous improvement
  • We adhere and commit to the principles of Adult Safeguarding especially Making Safeguarding Personal
  • We adhere and commit to the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • All our services are delivered with respect and dignity
  • We respect and value the key role of family carers
  • We embrace positive risk taking and skills development to support independence
  • We are eager to break new ground and innovate
  • We embrace digital opportunities and new technology
  • We work in effective partnership with other providers and are always happy to have open dialogue to agree shared solutions to local challenges
  • We take a proactive approach to equalities, diversity and inclusion, both for our staff and the people we work with