Market position statement

This Market Position Statement (MPS) update is intended to focus on the 2024 commissioning priorities within the Barnet adult social care portfolio and forms an important part of our dialogue with providers of services and other partners. For residents, we hope this provides an overview of the services we have currently and those we intend to develop over the coming year. 

This statement describes the current and potential future demand and supply for adult social care services and our future commissioning intentions. It intends to:

  • outline our strategic priorities
  • provide information to social care providers, to inform and facilitate strategic planning and the development of services aligned to local need
  • ensure the development of services are aligned to local need 
  • foster understanding and provide a basis for constructive and creative dialogue between commissioners and providers of adult social care

Barnet’s MPS is intended to work dynamically and will be regularly updated and refined in partnership with providers, other partners and residents. 

Further information on the borough and the Council’s wider strategy and objectives can be found in the Our Plan for Barnet 2023 to 2026. For more information on the current and future health and care needs of Barnet, please refer to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.



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