Adult social care commissioning priorities

Our commissioning priorities are:

  • Stay relevant, responsive and ambitious Create services that can support people with a range of needs, for example able to accommodate older people with a learning disability and accessible services for people with physical and sensory impairments and those with autistic spectrum disorders.
  • Assistive technology – Use current, new and emerging technology innovatively, enabling people with care and support needs to live as independently as possible.
  • Accommodation and support – Build new services and models which will support people with their  recovery, enablement and progression. These will be in borough so that connections to local communities and networks which bring wider benefits are robust.  We will re-open our Approved Provider Lists annually to provide opportunities for innovation and new ideas.
  • Prevention – Ensure that we have a strong and robust prevention approach which promotes and maximises independence and wellbeing.
  • Workforce – Focus on improving the quality and stability of the care workforce. This includes ensuring that there is strong clinical and professional leadership and implementing policies which promote person-centred care, applying a whole family approach to services and supporting with end of life care and safeguarding.
  • Employment and training – Ensure specialist services are meeting the needs of people with mental ill health, learning disabilities and autism to achieve and progress to greater independence and that they are working together for greater impact.
  • Carers – Develop our support offer further for carers, including access to training, support groups, opportunities for respite and how support is integrated into primary care services (General Practice).
  • People with complex needs – Maintain and improve existing good work to develop specialist and bespoke accommodation and support services, so that people can move from hospitals and residential services back to Barnet, working with the market on new models of cost effective, sustainable services.

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