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Jewish Youth Provision. Youth group for school years 2 to 10. Every week each year group meets for an hour of fun activities prepared by their Madrichim who themselves are in school years 11 to 13. The Groups can be divided into 4 sections, interboys, intergirls, juniorboys and junior girls, all of which meet at PAI house, the Ezra Bayit, at different times on either Shabbos or Motazi Shabbos depending on the time of year. Ezra organizes 6 sleepover camps and 2 day camps during the year. There are four two week summer camps in August, interboys and intergirls have a winter camp in February and juniors have 'day camps' known as Junior Week in December.As well as these 8 camps, Ezra, together with the UJIA, organize two Israel Tours for the girls and boys leaving year 11 straight after their GCSEs. These tours take the chanichim all over Israel over a 4 week period during which they have the experience of a lifetime.


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