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Freedom of Information Request

Social Worker workforce

Received: 1 February 2019

1. These questions concern the strategic recruitment of ethnic, international child protection social workers (Childrens Department). Please distinguish between country of birth, of training and employment. Namibians, Botswana, Zambians and Zimbabweans tend to get lumped together as South Africans which is not correct. The info will be on their certificates of sponsorship. Which countries have you recruited from?

What selection criteria have you applied and why?

a. Noting that some applications may be in process who many such social workers have been offered posts broken down by the criteria above?

b. What is the gender distribution of those offered jobs and not offered jobs?
c. According to gender how many were registered in advance of interview or had such applications in process? What were the least, medium and maximimum times to process such applications?counting from initial receipt by HCPC? Where any jejected, subsequently appealed with what outcomes?

d. Have any failed their probation periods, had them extended or have otherwise been dismissed?

e. What financial support has been made available to them for relocation, visas etc for their families? Please provide details and details of relocation on offer to UK based social workers.

2. Are you considering recruiting from outside the UK in 2019? How many? Which source countries do you have in mind? What is the track record of citizens from such countries?
3. How many numbers are you contemplating? What selection criteria are you likely to initially intend to apply. Are interviews to be live (?where) or by skype?
4. In September you submitted D o E workforce return for social workers. What were your vacancy, full time and agency rates for social workers? What have been the newly qualified retention rates taking each of the last four years in a row?
5. The top three tiers of Childrens Services can be roughly broken down to Director, Deputy/Assistant Director and Service Manager/Principal Social Worker. Please identify the top three posts in your Department, their names and jo titles together with, over the last 12 months, such postholders who have been interim/consultancy, short term contract (9 months or less) or permanent. What has the additional cost been compared with permanency?

6. The Prime Minister has announced an income cap of £30,000 per worker (depends are not mentioned). What would be the immediate impact on this on Local Authorities tomorrow? How many posts would remain unfilled? How many redundancies would arise? In particular, what are the implications for the care of the elderly and disabled Who willfill the jobs caring for behaviourably challenging youth, acute disability etc. The list goes on. I am asking about the implications NOW not in a year or so's time.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download

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