Freedom of Information Request

Tree Preservation Orders

Received: 27 June 2019

I would like copies of your policies in relation to the prosecution of tree preservation orders.

1) Does the Council have a policy on when it undertakes to prosecute?

2) Does the policy differentiate between felling a tree completely and lopping without consent?

3) The CPS code for crown prosecutors requires consideration of alternatives to prosecution - how does the Council adopt this in practice?

4) Does the Council have a policy for dealing with people who make mistakes but are willing to pay a financial penalty to avoid prosecution?

5) What public interest factors does the Council policy require is taken into account for one time offenders who are simply ignorant of the laws?

I await the information requested above.

Outcome / Documents

  • Barnet Agreed Enforcement Policy 2013 plus new appendix 2018 and amends - Ref 5422728.doc - application/msword - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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