Freedom of Information Request

Information Asset Owners

Received: 20 December 2019

I appreciate that not all Council's use the title of Information Asset Owners, however most will appoint persons in a similar role and have a similar structure, can the FOI request therefore be applied to these roles if you do not use the title Information Asset Owner (obviously substituting the phrase 'IAO' in the questions for the Councils own name for the role.)

For clarity of what I would define as a similar role, the Cabinet Office guidance entitled ' The role of Information Asset Owners (IAOs) in government' defines an IAO as: 'Information Asset Owners (IAOs) must be senior/responsible individuals involved in running the relevant business. Their role is to understand what information is held, what is added and what is removed, how information is moved, and who has access and why. As a result they are able to understand and address risks to the information, and ensure that information is fully used within the law for the public good. They provide a written judgement of the security and use of their asset annually to support the audit process.'

FOI Questions:

1. Has the Council appointed, or does the Council plan on appointing IAO's?

2. Whom is responsible for the leading IAO structure, I.E. the SIRO/'Lead' IAO/Head of Governance/Head of Corporate Services etc.

3. What is the IAO structure in terms of how the role is allocated (e.g. is it only given to heads of departments), and what are the job titles of the IAO's?

4. Whom is responsible for reviewing and implementing any training needs for the IAO's? (A job title is fine)

5. Spend on IAO training over the past 5 years, per year (if not able to be broken down year by year, an average per year is fine).

If you could make the responsible in a copy and pastable format, i.e. Word of PDF that would be great.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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