Freedom of Information Request

Traffic count data for Partingdale Lane

Received: 30 January 2020

Traffic count data for Partingdale Lane

Do you have any recent traffic count data for Partingdale Lane?
An application I am reviewing quotes 1250 a day from a 2013 Hendon Area Subject Committee document, but I find this very hard to believe in current times. I know the Lane used to be a cut-through and there was a lot of trouble, but since the 20mph limit and the installation of the alternating 'oncoming priority' bollards surely this must have dropped significantly?
Over say an 8 hour day (I know this doesn't allow for peak times and quiet times, but one has to make some assumptions😉 ) 1250 vehicles is about 2 a minute. I was there on Tuesday 28th at about 11:45am and counted about 10 in 30 minutes!

Outcome / Documents

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